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Way Ahead or Way Behind Revisited

Factors to consider to fine-tune decision-making

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Jun 22, 2009


In a column of mine several years ago, I formally defined the “Way Ahead or Way Behind” (WA/WB) scenario. To remind you, this was the definition: A “Way Ahead or Way Behind” situation requires the following: • You are heads up. • You do not know if you are ahead or behind. • If you are ahead, your opponent has very few outs (typically, two or three). • If you are behind, you have very few outs. The column (in Card Player, Vol. 17/No. 26, and revised in my book, Advanced Limit Hold’em Strategy) then went on to give typical examples. In all of them, you had to make a decision on the turn, in position, after your opponent checked. If, indeed, you were in a WA/WB situation in those cases, I recommended that you check. In the intervening years, some students and visitors to my website have asked questions ...

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