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Playing Card Nicknames: Queens

by Michael Wiesenberg |  Published: Feb 04, 2015


Depending on whether the deck in question is English or French, the queen has different names. In the French deck, the queens have names based on history. Generally, the English deck court cards are not based on history. They may, however, have nicknames. The usual rank of the queen is 12th in the hierarchy, starting with ace, that is, between the jack and the king. In decks in which the knight is a rank, the queen is 13th. In tarot decks, for example, the knight ranks between the jack and queen. Poker decks have no knight. Specific Queens Queen of Clubs In the English deck, the figure faces forward, tilted slightly to the left. She holds a flower in her right hand like the other queens. Queen of Clubs, English Deck In the French deck, the figure faces forward, tilted to the right. She is the only queen not holding ...

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