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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Feb 04, 2015


December 29 — Tweet Reversal — In drop games like in California you should chop One of the first articles that I ever wrote for Card Player told people that they should not chop in big bet games. My argument was basically that players would get so rattled if you “played” that they would make very poor decisions after the flop. I gave an example of a player that stacked off to me with Q-5 offsuit for three big streets on a queen-high board against my overpair. Although my argument did have merit at the time, I am here to say that I have changed my mind on the topic, especially in drop games like we have in Southern California. Now, if you are in a time game, then I really see no reason to chop. The rake is not costing you any money, so my original argument about heads-up ...

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