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How I Got the Fire for Poker Back in 2014

by Ben Yu |  Published: Feb 04, 2015


In 2011, I lost the fire for poker. I had secured a reasonable bankroll. I didn’t have that much money, but it was only one year after I had nothing, so it was refreshing to live comfortably. I became complacent. While I still grinded training videos and hand histories with my friends, I absolutely did not want to grind on the felt. I never bothered with the projects I wanted to work on – such as creating a no-limit deuce-to-seven single draw shove bot or a razz dead card calculator. This fulfilled what my friends joke is the Jameson Painter theorem of poker versus work: “When it was between school or work and poker, you picked poker. When it’s between poker and goofing off, goofing off wins no-contest.” In September, just five months after Black Friday, I moved to Rosarito, Mexico, supposedly to reboot my PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker ...

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