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Heye Comes Clean

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Feb 04, 2015


This week I’m turning my column over to a poker player from Germany. He’s not a superstar, just a guy…a guy with a tail of triumph and woe. His name is Heye, and his honesty is so bold that it needs to be shared. I’m not saying that this guy has all his problems solved – as he describes it himself, his cash game’s a mess, but he’s going about his practice of poker the right way: with candor, self-appraisal, and self-acceptance. It’s rare to get so frank a glimpse into another poker player’s mind and we can usefully treat such a glimpse as a mirror into our own. Read this guy. Look into his soul. Don’t make judgments about his choices, values, ethics, or intellect (Or spelling, grammar, and punctuation – I left his text exactly intact). Just see what’s going on inside his head. Compare it to what ...

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