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Pineapple Open Face Chinese: The Rise

by Derric Haynie |  Published: Feb 04, 2015


As I write this, I am watching the first ever Open Face Chinese (OFC) Poker World Championships Live from Prague, brought to you by For me, this is an exciting time, where the validity of a game created no more than a few years ago is coming to fruition. I am predicting a decent-sized OFC boom in 2015, and am excited to see this game getting the mainstream attention it deserves. Yes, there are concerns about the game being able to be solved by computers, but how is that different than chess or backgammon (and even poker). The bottom line is that it is fun and addicting, with tons of gamble, and it is an amazingly complex strategy game, where the highs are high, and the lows are low. On that note, we have launched over at and are offering free access to our tactics trainer and educational ...

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