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Head Games: I’m Burned Out on Poker. What Now?

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jun 27, 2012


The Pros: Sam Trickett, Alex Fitzgerald, Tripp Kirk, and David Benefield Craig Tapscott: What are a few telltale signs that you’re becoming burned out by too many endless days and weeks of playing poker? Sam Trickett: It’s a hard one to answer because I feel it’s different for every player. But for me personally, I know when I’m ready for a break because I start feeling frustrated at minor little things like being card dead and losing small pots. I feel you should always be able to accept and expect bad luck and move on as quickly as possible. Alex Fitzgerald: The first sign I’m getting burned out is that many of my decisions become automatic. I’m not looking at recent hands with my opponent, I’m not checking statistics, I’m not thinking about how the game is going – I’m just taking the ABC lines in hands. Many players play ...

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