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Mixed Games, Where to Start?

by Jonathan Green |  Published: Jun 27, 2012


Transitioning from no-limit Texas hold’em to the various mixed games spread in the cash games around the world can seem overwhelming at first glance. Trying to learn all the games overnight is a sure recipe for failure, so what is the best strategy for getting your feet wet in the mixed games? Remember, poker fundamentals are just that, and should be exercised at all times, especially as you are learning and developing your skill set for the different games. We will be discussing three different types of games, with the understanding that future articles will dig deeper into the concepts presented. These three are draw games, stud games, and flop games. This article will focus on the draw games and how to use some basic strategies to manage your learning curve and swings along the way. First, we will identify the games being most commonly spread in today’s card rooms. ...

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