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World Series of Poker in its 43rd Year

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Jun 27, 2012


I’ve been participating in the World Series of Poker since 1980 and am in awe of how much it has grown since then. I remember the days when the side games and tournaments would fit downstairs in the Mexican restaurant at Binion’s Horseshoe. There have been lots of venues for the WSOP since then. As the tournament grew, they even had preliminary tables at some of the other casinos in downtown Las Vegas and the joke was that “your goal was to make it to the Horseshoe, the final casino.” One year the final table was played outside on Fremont Street in the afternoon in May. Whoever thought that one up didn’t factor in that it is often 100 degrees or higher at that time of year… ask Ron Stanley who showed up to play in a tuxedo. The lesson was learned and they never had another outdoor venue. One ...

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