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Switching From Online To Brick and Mortar Poker Adjust To The Painfully Slow Pace

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jun 27, 2012


If you were a typical multitabling online player, your biggest complaint about B&M games is, “They’re too damned slow!” You probably dislike nearly everything about the slow pace, especially its dramatic impact on your profits. You obviously can’t win as much in about thirty hands per hour as you once won playing hundreds. Slowness also causes boredom, impatience, general irritability, and decreased concentration. That combination will almost certainly cause mistakes you wouldn’t make online. For example, you may get so tired of waiting for good cards that you play ones you would usually fold. And you may get so bored waiting for something interesting to happen that your mind just drifts away. Some former online players get so bored that they play with their cell phones, even when they’re playing a pot! If you don’t concentrate, you’ll miss important information. You may even look at someone who just raised and ...

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