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Unsuited Connectors Are Unsafe

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Jun 27, 2012


It is very easy to think that there isn’t that much difference between a starting hand that is suited and one that isn’t. Your flush chances only add two or three percent to your winrate, which may not seem like much. In some cases winrates are relatively equal. For example, A-K offsuit will beat a random hand 65.3 percent of the time. A-K suited only does slightly better, it wins 67.1 percent. Unfortunately your opponents won’t be playing random hands (even though it may sometimes seem that way.) The fact that your A-K is suited occasionally leads to very profitable situations. You may flop a bigger flush draw against an aggressive opponent who gets a lot of money on the flop as a big dog. For example, I recently saw two players get all-in holding A K and 8 7 with a flop of Q 4 2. In this case, ...

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