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Generation Next - James Hudson Graduates With Both a College Degree and a Poker Degree

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Apr 15, 2011


While majoring in sociology at Concordia University in Canada, James Hudson also chose to minor in a subject not found in the college catalog — poker. He had fallen in love with the game while playing every week during the previous summer with friends. So, he got all of the textbooks for his required courses and loaded up his library with poker-strategy books, and off to school he went. When boredom set in with school, he studied poker, and vice versa. Each evening, he would play online, and the following day, analyze the results, painstakingly going through each hand, looking for costly mistakes. Soon, Hudson began to amass a juicy bankroll and climb up the stakes. Upon graduating from college in 2009, he felt more inclined to pursue poker than the profession inscribed on his diploma. “It’s not like everyone who comes out of college goes into his job or ...

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