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Taking the Heat

It’s part of a cardroom employee’s job

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Apr 15, 2011


Which of these statements comes closest to your idea of the attitude that should be taken by cardroom employees? Employees should never be confrontational with customers. Employees should take the initiative in settling problems, rather than waiting for complaints. It is not always easy to choose between hypothetical platitudes, so let me give you a specific situation: You are a floorperson on the day shift, and the room is starting to fill up. There are games going, but still a number of empty tables. A couple of players on the waiting list sit down at the edge of an empty table next to another table that has a game in progress. They immediately strike up a loud and animated conversation with each other. One of the players in the game glances behind him, but it is not clear whether this is from annoyance or simply to see who is sitting ...

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