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Head Games - Crucial and Creative River Decisions in Pot-Limit Omaha

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Apr 15, 2011


The Pros: Brian Hastings, Andreas Torbergsen, and Michael Piper Craig Tapscott: What are some of the most appropriate situations for turning the majority of your hand range into a bluff on the river? Brian Hastings: One of the best situations for bluffing on the river is when you semibluff on the turn with a draw and get called, and the river is a blank. This is a good spot to bluff because your opponent’s call on the turn often indicates that he also has a draw, and therefore will often fold to a river bet. Be aware that trickier opponents are capable of exploiting this by calling the turn with strong made hands, but as the stack-to-pot ratio decreases, this becomes less likely. To illustrate this, if you bet the turn on a K♠ 10♠ 7♥ 5♥ board and your opponent calls, and there are four pot-sized bets left in effective ...

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