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Raise or Fold Revisited — Part I

Some preflop examples

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Apr 15, 2011


You hear a burglar breaking a window in your home. You are alone. You have two primary choices: grab a weapon and try to fend him off, or get out of there and call the police. The choice of standing around waiting for him to enter and perhaps beat or kill you is not an attractive one. When presented with danger, most animals exhibit this “fight-or-flight” behavior. To me, the poker equivalent of this action is the raise-or-fold situation. Someone has bet or raised in front of you, representing a good hand. You should either fight (raise) or take flight (fold). Staying around and hoping to survive is rarely a good alternative. Let’s review the definition of raise-or-fold situations, as presented in the Jan. 28, 2005, issue of Card Player. The specific criteria are: The pot must be multiway. There are no raise-or-fold situations in heads-up hands. There must be ...

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