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Online Tells

A review of a few of them

by John Vorhaus |  Published: May 14, 2010


Conventional wisdom says that there’s no such thing as online tells. How could there be, reckons conventional wisdom, when you can’t see a foe’s face, or hear the timbre of his voice, or watch his hands shake as he pushes chips into the pot? Even the way that he swigs his beer (or, famously, per Rounders, cracks his Oreo cookie) can tell you whether he’s on a monster hand or a monster bluff. But how can you check out his cookies, his beady eyes, and all of his other body parts from half a world away? Conventional wisdom says that you can’t. But conventional wisdom is for conventional thinkers, and as any savvy Internet poker player will tell you, reliable tells abound online. Being a savvy Internet poker player, you doubtless know this already, but let’s review for the inattentive kids in the back of the class. The Timing Tell: ...

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