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Chips, Hands, Eyes, Arms, Posture

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: May 14, 2010


There is no poker skill more important than the ability to read your opponents. If you play live poker, becoming an expert in this area will make you a huge, consistent winner. This is especially true if you frequently play with the same group of players. Each time that you play against the same opponents, you have both the opportunity to learn more about them and some chances to use what you have learned. When it comes to reading your opponents, one size does not fit all. Everyone is different. A behavior that may signal strength in one opponent may be a sign of weakness in another, and totally random in a third. How can you tell what something means if it might mean something different for everyone? You must observe each individual opponent’s behaviors and correlate your observations with the hands that he eventually shows down. This can be ...

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