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Position Versus Aggressors

Important strategic considerations

by Roy Cooke |  Published: May 14, 2010


Position is important in limit hold’em, and even more important in no-limit. Late position gives you the opportunity to know your opponents’ actions before you have to make a decision on your hand. But position is more than just your relationship to the blinds; position in relation to the post-flop bettor enables you to make plays to protect your hand and control the betting. Many players overlook the fact that position relative to aggressive players is equally important. Good players think ahead, accurately visualizing how a hand will play out, in order to position themselves optimally later in the hand. When designing plays and plotting the play of any given hand, good players envision the tendencies of their opponents relative to position. It was a Saturday night at Bellagio. The action in my $30-$60 limit hold’em game was fast and furious. I was running great, up a couple thousand, when ...

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