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Mistakes, Mistakes, Mistakes

by Tony Dunst |  Published: May 14, 2010


Game: $150 no-limit hold’em tournament Opponent: Unknown player Stacks: Mine: 2,865; Early position: 2,925; Hijack: 2,885 My Cards: K K My Position: Small blind Poker is a game of mistakes. More importantly, it’s a game of making fewer mistakes than your opponents. I think one of the biggest leaks among amateur players is not giving their opponents opportunities to make big mistakes, and instead trying to get “tricky” with their strong hands. Here’s a hand from a recent training video I produced for Card Player Pro that illustrates inducing a mistake from your opponent. On the sixth hand of a $150 online tournament, an unknown player opened for 90 from early position (15-30 blinds). Everyone folded to the hijack-position player, who reraised to 300. It was then folded to me in the small blind, and I looked down to see the K K. We have a few options here. Obviously, ...

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