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Dodging Bullets, Sniping, and Picking Up Free Chips

Bay 101 _Shooting Star_

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: May 14, 2010


At the World Poker Tour event at Bay 101 recently, I unleashed the tactics that I have worked so hard on — tactics that would enable me to play optimal poker in the modern era — and I came away smiling (mostly). I decided to play extremely tight (no surprise), trust my instincts (no surprise), come over the top (no surprise), and slow-play some of my big pairs (surprise!). When I am “on form” (as they say in Europe) in a no-limit hold’em tournament, I am almost unstoppable. I have been working very hard on my poker game, including discussing tactics with Brandon Cantu, playing tons of hours online, and talking to math-oriented guys; overall, just thinking poker, talking poker, playing poker, and wanting to win with a huge passion! Check out my blog at At Bay 101, something just sort of clicked in, and it was this: my ...

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