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Generation Next -- Frank Calo

Slow and Steady Wins the Race for Frank Calo

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: May 14, 2010


“Not again,” exclaimed Frank Calo as he busted out of another tournament. Bad beat, bad run, bad cards, it didn’t really matter. It was another online cash deposit lost, down the drain. Countless hours vanished, like smoke in the air, from his day-to-day life. Calo was frustrated. He was dejected. He was angry. As a self-sufficient student at Syracuse University, cash and time were precious commodities not to be wasted. He loved poker, but he quit the game. But, he did not lose his motivation to learn and grow. So, for three straight days, he scoured the forums for strategies to beat the 180-player $12 PokerStars multitable tournaments. He studied opening-hand ranges for preflop play, memorized push-botting [a chart of hands used for the purpose of determining with which hands to shove and when, with which hands to call when you have 10 big blinds or less, and with which ...

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