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No-Limit Hold’em Raising Rules

A historical perspective

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Oct 16, 2009


As the author of Robert’s Rules of Poker, I get plenty of e-mail inquiries about poker rules. (I answer all of them.) I thought you might be interested in the area of the rules for which I get the most inquiries. The number-one area — and it’s not close — is no-limit hold’em rules regarding wagering. How much is the minimum bet? Can I raise or reraise? Can a certain other player raise or reraise? If I want to raise the minimum, what can I make it? So, let’s start at the beginning, traveling back in time, and discuss the basis of the no-limit rules that we use today. I first played no-limit hold’em in Vegas in 1978. Some of the rules that are taken for granted nowadays were vague three decades ago. For example, if someone bet $100 and the next player raised to $200, you were usually required ...

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