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Dealing With Losing

A few tips for getting back on track

by Matt Matros |  Published: Oct 16, 2009


A young guy — maybe a college student, maybe a day laborer between jobs, maybe someone with just a few too many hours on his hands — decides to take up poker. This new player goes on a major rush to start his career, moving up limit after limit until he’s won so much money that he begins to think he can make a living at this game. He studies and realizes that he was extremely lucky to run as well as he did, but also that he has a talent for poker that he never knew he had. He proceeds to grind out his living. Sure, he goes through downswings, but he plays so many hands on so many tables at once that he never has so much as a losing month, let alone a losing year. Every day, he tries to remind himself how lucky he is to ...

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