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The Scoop -- Eric Baldwin

by The Scoop |  Published: Oct 16, 2009


Eric Baldwin has had a hot year so far, and currently is leading the Card Player 2009 Player of the Year race. He’s won more than $1 million so far in 2009, and also captured his first World Series of Poker bracelet this summer. He started his career online, where he’s better known as “basebaldy,” but has successfully made the transition to major live tournaments. Diego Cordovez: We meet a lot of players who have had enormous success online, as you have, and you’ve taken it to the live-game arena, as well. Typically, they saw poker on TV, started playing, and then started winning. Besides the experience of playing a lot, which I assume you did, what were the other influences in becoming a super successful player? Eric Baldwin: I was kind of a book guy. You run into guys who say they never read a poker book in their ...

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