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Mind Over Poker

An ACE in the Hole

by David Apostolico |  Published: Oct 16, 2009


A common analogy applied to someone who doesn’t keep up with the current competition is that he is like the general who fights the previous war. This means that he is using only past circumstances to define his current strategies. Of course, no two wars are identical, and neither are any two poker hands. This is not to imply that experience isn’t important. Recognizing various situations and understanding how your opponent is likely to act in them is critical to success. There is no substitute for having played a ton of hands and situations in poker. The base knowledge that comes only from countless hours spent on the felt is crucial to building your competitive foundation. However, competition in poker is more similar to a chess match than a barroom brawl. Even if you find yourself in an almost identical situation, your opponent will not necessarily act as he did ...

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