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Are You Paying Off Too Much?

Distinguish bad calls from good calls that didn’t work out

by Ed Miller |  Published: Oct 16, 2009


Whenever I have a bad session, I spend the next hour or two doing a postmortem in my head. What went wrong? Could I have done something different to play better and (presumably) lose less money? I go through all of the significant hands and analyze my play. Should I have raised there instead of called? Did I lose more on that hand than I had to? I think it’s natural to go through this process, and I would bet that most players do something similar. It’s tempting to focus most on the biggest pots. After all, if that one huge pot had gone a different way, the result at the end of the session would have been much more palatable. Focusing on the big pots isn’t always best, though, because oftentimes we are doomed to failure by all of the little things we do wrong here and there. But ...

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