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Blind Man’s Bluff

by Andrew Brokos |  Published: Oct 16, 2009


Game: 50¢-$1 no-limit hold’em Opponent: Unknown passive, fishy player Stacks: His: $72.55; Mine: $100 My Cards: I don’t know! My Position: Cutoff In a recent series of videos that I authored for Card Player Pro, I attempted to demonstrate the power of position and hand-reading by playing a session without looking at my cards. Through reads, board texture, and timing tells, I looked for spots to take advantage of my opponents’ weaknesses and pick up pots when they rarely had strong hands. In this column, I’m going to review one of those hands. If you’re not going to look at your holecards, you need to have some other advantage over your opponent. For my coaching video, I chose position. I folded every single hand that I was dealt in early position, and raised 100 percent of my hands from the cutoff and the button. As is common in low-stakes games, ...

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