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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Brian Townsend

Brian Townsend Shares His Growth in Pot-Limit Omaha High-Stakes Cash Games

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Oct 16, 2009


Event: Online pot-limit Omaha cash game Stacks: Brian Townsend – $129,129; Villain – $62,597 Blinds: $200-$400 Antes: $70 Players: 3 Townsend raises to $1,200 from the button with the A A 10 9. The villain reraises to $4,010 from the big blind. Townsend reraises to $12,440, and the villain calls. Craig Tapscott: Share with us how to play A-A here preflop. And, do you have a good feel for your opponents at the table? Brian Townsend: Both of my opponents are good and aggressive. They realize that I’m opening a lot of hands from the button. Because of this, they will be reraising me with a wide variety of hands. It happens in this hand, as you can see. My decision to four-bet does expose my hand some, but it doesn’t do so completely, as I also will be four-betting with some hands that are not A-A-X-X. CT: So, it’s pretty standard in PLO ...

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