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Three Recent Trends, and an Observation

From play in 2009

by Matt Lessinger |  Published: Sep 18, 2009


I had a pretty rough go at this year’s World Series of Poker. I had only one in-the-money finish, and it was the first time that I busted out on day one of the main event. I had my share of bad luck, but I also believe that the quality of the competition has gotten better. There are still some rank novices taking their shots, but I think there are fewer and fewer of them. And I also think the ABC players are starting to add D, E, and F to their games, if you know what I mean. And why shouldn’t they? Poker strategy is constantly evolving. If you looked at the plays that were in vogue five years ago, you’d see a much different game than what is being played now, especially at the top levels. Here are three recent trends that I’ve seen in both live and ...

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