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Card Player Pro -- An Ace-High Turbo

Sit-and-Go Risk

by Thomas Miller |  Published: Sep 18, 2009


By Thomas “Tmoney0209” Miller Game $60 nine-handed turbo sit-and-go on PokerStars Blinds 25-50 My Opponent Unknown under-the-gun raiser Stack Sizes 1,900 (his); 3,150 (mine) My Cards A Q My Position Big blind It’s crucial to preserve chips in turbo sit-and-gos (SNGs), since the rapidly increasing blinds are waiting to devour your stack. However, it is also very important to acquire chips early on, and use them to punish your opponent’s weaknesses as the blinds get bigger. The situation that I’m going to discuss is one of these opportunities to “chip up” against a weak post-flop player. Given the fact that the return on investment in nine-handed medium- and high-stakes SNGs is small, we need to take every advantage we can to set ourselves up to win. Reading flops and displaying pot control with marginal holdings during the early stages of a turbo SNG will do just that. Let’s get to ...

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