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The Defensive Bet

Sometimes, offense is the best defense

by Michael Cappelletti |  Published: Sep 18, 2009


In poker, most often you bet because you have a good hand — or perhaps because you want someone to think that you have a good hand. But in pot-limit and no-limit poker, there are some situations in which you bet mainly as a defensive or pre-emptive action. In fact, sometimes you actually bet out of fear — because you are afraid that something bad might happen if you don’t bet. I was playing pot-limit Omaha high, with $5-$10 blinds, and picked up the A K J 10. This is a fine playable hand, but I would like it much more if the ace was suited instead of the king. Computer simulations tell us that an Omaha hand containing the K X with three hearts in the five boardcards will run into the A X in one of the other nine hands about 36 percent of the time (although that ...

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