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Too Tight?

Analyzing a student’s play

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Sep 18, 2009


One of my Dallas friends from a long time ago was Bill Smith, the 1985 World Series of Poker main-event champion. Bill always used to say, “In practice, there is no such thing as players who are too tight. They don’t exist.” I have to admit that it’s human nature to want to play a lot of hands, to be in action. It is certainly rarer for someone to err on the side of playing too few hands (rather than too many). However, one of my students sent me some hands and gave me his philosophy. I do not know if he actually follows that philosophy, but if he does, I think he is too tight. Here are some of the hands that he sent me and his comments in italics: All of these hands were played during a single session. I played 600 hands while multitabling four nine-handed tables. ...

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