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MInd Over Poker

Don’t Fall in Love

by David Apostolico |  Published: Sep 18, 2009


The strongest possible starting hand seems to present an endless discussion of preflop play. Ask 10 different poker players and you’ll get 10 different opinions on how to play pocket aces. Of course, there is no single right answer, and as it is with just about every question in poker, the correct answer to how to play pocket rockets preflop is, “It depends.” It depends on the countless situations in which you could possibly find yourself when you look down and discover that you’ve been dealt two glorious aces. To discuss all of the potential situations is well beyond the scope of this column. Instead, I’d like to concentrate on one troubling aspect of this hand that I see quite frequently: Many players fall in love with pocket aces. It’s easy to understand why players fall in love. They’re going to be dealt that hand only once every 220 hands. ...

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