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Useful guidelines

by Matt Matros |  Published: Sep 18, 2009


Players ask one of these questions all the time in the midst of postmortem analysis: “Did I commit myself to that hand?” “Was I pot stuck?” “Had I already been priced in?” No matter what the context or phrasing is, the question always boils down to the same thing. The player is saying, “I don’t think my hand is good anymore, but have I put in too many chips to fold it?” It’s a very common situation in no-limit hold’em tournaments for one player to bet and a short stack to move all in for just a little bit more. Oftentimes in these spots, the bettor is almost entirely convinced that he doesn’t have the best hand, which sometimes leads him to make very bad folds. Conversely, a thinking player who assumes that he’s “pot-committed” can end up making a terrible call in a similar scenario. So, how do we ...

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