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Questions from people who don’t play poker

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Sep 18, 2009


I am sure that you are familiar with the acronym FAQ — frequently asked questions. People who don’t play poker tend to ask professional poker players the same questions over and over. There are several extremely common questions: 1. What is the biggest pot you have ever won? 2. What is the biggest pot you have ever lost? 3. Isn’t it all luck? 4. Have you ever been on TV? 5. Do you know ______? (Fill in the blank with the name of some famous poker player.) I’m not sure how interesting the answers to these questions will be, but it is not a bad idea to think them over. I guarantee that you will be asked them at some time in your life. What is the biggest pot you have ever won? This one is always a little embarrassing for me. I don’t think I’ve ever won a pot ...

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