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Odds Part 4: PreFlop Match Ups and Implied Odds

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Apr 01, 2015


This column will be split into two parts. First, we will examine some preflop match-ups. Second, we will examine one match-up in detail and introduce the concept of implied odds. One of the things that makes no-limit hold’em interesting is that two situations are seldom exactly the same. Players are different. Not only do they differ from other players, they also differ from themselves at other times or in other situations. Stack sizes and table positions are often similar, but virtually never identical. True odds are invariable. If you know nothing about the other hands, preflop A A will beat K K 81.9 percent of the time, odds of approximately 4.5 to 1. (I like to divide ties between the hands, others like to separate them. For all practical purposes, a tie is equivalent to splitting the pot and giving each player their share.) Since odds of various match-ups are ...

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