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Learning No-Limit From Scratch ­- The Path to Greatness

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Apr 01, 2015


ABC poker works well against opponents who can’t read hands or are too undisciplined to act on their reads. But, once your opponents’ skill level rises above that point, you’ll need to design lines of play that take advantage of your opponents’ weaknesses. Most beginners play too many hands and can’t read their opponents effectively. Then they start to recognize winning strategies, and they learn basic tactics. They start playing tighter, with better discipline, and they learn to read ABC opponents. Perhaps they even read some poker material. Now, they make standard laydowns; start bluffing more effectively. Their game has improved to ABC. Maybe they even start beating the game. But, with dollar signs in their eyes, they move up to bigger and tougher limits. Now, their ABC style doesn’t do well. Amongst other things, fewer opponents pay them off, they face more aggression, and they’re being read better than ...

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