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Slow Down On The Flop

by Ed Miller |  Published: Apr 01, 2015


Recently on the Red Chip Poker forums, a member posted a hand she played. I’ve changed a few of the details of the hand to make the example more illustrative, but the main concept at play is the same. It’s a $1-$3 game with $300 stacks. A player limps, and our hero raises to $15 with A 10. The big blind calls, and the limper folds. There’s $34 in the pot with $285 behind. The flop comes A Q 9, giving our hero top pair with the nut flush draw. This is a good hand by any measure. There’s a good chance that it’s the best hand now, and if it’s not, it has the nut flush draw to fall back on. The big blind bets out $50. The pot is $34, so this is a significant overbet. This is a peculiar play. You can play many hours at $1-$3 ...

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