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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Apr 01, 2015


February 26 — When you flop the nut flush deep fast playing can be the most deceptive line (concept revisited) One of the first articles that I ever wrote for Card Player came from early 2012 and it had to do with playing a flopped nut flush fast in order to maximize your value. Although this spot does not come up all that often, it continues to be one of the most misplayed situations that I observe in no-limit cash games. There are number of reasons why fast-playing the nut flush is a sound approach. Firstly, people tend to not mess around on monotone boards. I have discussed in previous articles how monotone boards can actually be good continuation bet bluffing boards because usually people do not call light. On a board like J 8 5, you usually will not see a player peel with a hand like 8 7, ...

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