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The Poker Player’s Manifesto: Part XVI - Know Your Enemy

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Apr 01, 2015


Poker is a game of people, and people have trust issues. Well, most of them. Some of them are downright gullible and will believe anything you tell them. Sometimes, somebody who usually has trust issues will believe anything you tell them. As we head into our eighth month of this series and sixteen thousandth word, we finally reach the core of what poker is all about—People. We spend so much time talking about the mechanics of poker, its mathematical fundamentals, and controlling the only thing we can control, our decision making process. We as poker academia largely ignore the variable that is our opponent though, and I have heard many successful colleagues basically ignore the idea of tells. Let’s spend some time examining that variable we so often call Villain and how best to control our decisions while considering the conditional probability that comes from human-powered opponents. “It is said ...

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