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We’ve Still Got Image Problems

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: May 28, 2014


Poker’s image has improved immensely recently, but it’s still a serious problem. A fistfight in my game made me update an old article. I’ve seen some fistfights and countless nasty arguments. I wrote, “Nobody Understands Us.” (Card Player, 4/25/2003). “Some people assume we are pathological gamblers… somehow depraved, immoral, or lacking character… Hardly any non-players think highly of us.” Television dramatically improved our image. Top players became celebrities, and we’re all seen a little less negatively. But we still have problems with two extremely important groups: • Lawmakers and law enforcers • Our families and friends Lawmakers and Law Enforcers Many of them are our enemies, and our negative image helps them to hurt us. Most authorities are elected or are appointed by elected officials. They must all consider public opinion. If poker had a better image, the UIGEA and Black Friday might have been avoided or been less punitive. ...

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