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Force Them Out Or Keep Them In?

by Jonathan Little |  Published: May 28, 2014


This article will be a bit longer and more technical than you normally get from me, but I promise, the payoff it worth it as this article alone could easily take your game to the next level if you have the leak I am about to address: I was recently having a discussion using a hand sharing app for iPhone and Android I recently discovered called ShareMyPair about whether or not it is right to try to get heads-up with A-A when possible, or if it is better to try to keep opponents in the pot. In the hand that was posted, everyone had around 10,000 chips at 200-400. Someone from middle position raised to 1,000, someone else called, and the action folded to the hero in the small blind (SB), who had A-A. His realistic options are to either call, reraise fairly small, perhaps to around 2,800, hopefully inducing ...

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