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Head Games: Know Your Table Image to Make Strategic Plays and Appropriate Adjustments

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: May 28, 2014


The Pros: Mukul Pahuja, Marc-Andre Ladouceur, and Scott Dorin Craig Tapscott: How important is monitoring your own image at the table and using it to your advantage? Mukul Pahuja: Understanding how your table mates view you at the poker table is incredibly important. It is common knowledge that a successful strategy at the tables is one in which you pay attention to your opponents’ tendencies and then act accordingly, making the necessary adjustments as you go along. This is why setting up a table image and then properly executing plays based on that image is an integral part to tournament success.   Some players like to set up a tight image in the early going and get away with a few aggressive plays here and there. Other, more aggressive players, like to set up a very active image from the get-go with the hopes of getting paid big when they actually ...

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