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Playing Card Nicknames: Face Cards

by Michael Wiesenberg |  Published: May 28, 2014


Nicknames. Almost everything of value has them. That goes for playing cards too. This series lists and explains many you have heard — and some you haven’t. So far we’ve looked at deuces through tens. Now we continue with the face cards. Before going into the nicknames of individual face cards, let’s take a look at their history. Court Cards The deck of cards we all take for granted has a long history. What you look at in your local cardroom or online is neither standard nor did it always look that way. Different countries with their different languages have different looking decks. The most common in the Western world are the English and French decks. The most interesting cards in the deck are the face cards, the jacks, queens, and kings. Face cards are also called coat cards, court cards, paints, pictures, picture cards, and Rembrandts. In both the ...

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