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More about Bluffing: Part III

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Apr 30, 2014


I have discussed a lot about the mathematics of bluffing, and put you to work keeping track of how successful your bluffs are. Hopefully you will continue to track your success rate at both bluffing and catching bluffs. But there are two other important topics that relate to bluffing, tells and situations. Unlike the math, these areas are fun to read about. In fact, they are the subject of many stories and scenes in a variety of movies. In this column, I will start discussing tells that relate to bluffing. A tell is some physical or verbal behavior that can tell the astute observer something about his opponent’s hand. We can further break tells down into two broad categories — deliberate and inadvertent or accidental. Deliberate tells occur when a player tries to convince the opposition that he has a certain type of hand. If he has a weak hand, ...

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