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Stack Management in Omaha Eight-or-Better Tournaments Part II — Adjusting to Tight Tournament Play

by Ben Yu |  Published: Apr 30, 2014


Poker players tighten up deep in tournaments. Omaha eight-or-better players love to gamble with lots of hands. These polarizing phenomenon collide on the tournament stage, where the result is somewhere between the two extremes. Rounders play more conservatively than their cash game counterparts, but still enter the pot with a variety of hands. In the early levels, players still splash around with regular frequency, but once about half the field gets eliminated, play tightens considerably and this trend only increases as the bubble approaches. Last time, I examined strategy for short stack and all-in situations. This time, we return to the fray and look at Omaha eight-or-better tournament strategy away from the “chip and a chair” perspective. Specifically, we will be examining this apparent contradiction of loose and tight play and suggest some optimal lines to combat it. Raise All the Hands You Want To Play Preflop Many players open-limp ...

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