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Cash Game Observations: Part I

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Apr 30, 2014


I recently had the experience of playing a nice, long cash-game session at the Commerce Casino. Whenever I bust early from a major poker tournament, like I did at the LA Poker Classic, I make a point to put in as many hours as reasonably possible at the cash game tables in order to make good use of my time away from home. During this four day, 60-hour session, I got to play lots of fun hands, but today, I want to discuss a few of the errors I saw some of my opponents committing that certainly cut deeply into their profits. In part II of this article, which will be in the next issue, I will discuss errors that I made. The first, most surprising trait some of my opponents had is that they almost never sleep. While playing 60 hours in four days seemed like a lot to ...

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