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Open-Face Chinese Poker: Common Problems, Simple Rules

by Derric Haynie |  Published: Apr 30, 2014


Open-Face Chinese (OFC) has nearly as many combinations of possible board run-outs as a game of chess,and, similarly to chess, there are also many extremely similar problems that seem to come up again and again. Let’s take a look at a couple of simpler problem spots that seem to occur pretty often, and can be solved with some generalizations, basic probability calculations, and risk-reward calculations. Gutshots Revisited In my last article, I advised you to avoid setting a gutshot-straight draw in the back. Not only is it generally an “all-in” set (you can only bail to one pair, if you are even given that opportunity) with a maximum of four outs, but a straight in the back is the lowest royalty payout, making flush draws and pairs (full house draws) a more attractive alternative. With all that being said, as a game progresses you may find yourself with a three-straight ...

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