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No-Limit Betting Patterns To Monitor — Part I

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Apr 30, 2014


One of the most frequent questions I am asked by a poker client is “What sort of things should I be watching for when in a no-limit hold’em (NL) game?” I usually give the generic (but accurate) answer, “Anything out of the ordinary.” By the time you reach my doorstep, you are supposed to know what is a normal play in the betting and what is unusual. Anything that is uncommon should catch your eye. In this article, I will focus on certain NL betting patterns that you should pay close attention to in both your opponents and yourself. You can fall into the bad poker habit of developing one routine way of handling these betting situations, and so can an opposing player. Here is my list of situations that you should be monitoring for the frequency of a recurring pattern. Of course, you want to have a degree of ...

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