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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Jul 11, 2012


6/8 – It’s a rare case that the best move in a no-limit hand is to bet to “protect”. We should be more concerned about getting value There are primarily three reasons to bet in no-limit hold’em. The first and most important is betting for value. Especially at the lower levels this is where 95 percent of the money is won or lost. Secondly, we can bet to bluff someone off of a better hand. Lastly, we can bet for protection. Betting to protect your equity in the pot is a much more common concept in PLO when equities run much closer even with one card to come. The concept still exists in hold’em but it is usually misunderstood. At the lower levels you will see players commonly bet big with what they think is the best hand to “protect” against the draws. What they do not understand is that ...

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